Alegria Health and Wellness

Alegria Health and Wellness

Alegria Health and Wellness


About Us

Our physician-managed diagnostic and treatment center offers the South Bronx community care for both acute and chronic illnesses. We will offer many specialties including behavioral health, cardiology, covid testing and vaccinations, diagnostics, dental care, home care services, infusion services, laboratory services, men’s health, oncology, pharmacy services, pain management, pediatrics, primary care, and women’s health.

Our new, 14,000 square foot facility features 17 examination rooms, dedicated pediatric exam and waiting areas, 4 procedure rooms, a phlebotomy station,mammography, ultrasound, and x-rays, a dental examination suite, and a behavioral health suite. Our on-site fluoroscopy suite allows for on-site pain management treatments with interventional specialists.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive cancer care program with an infusion suite of twelve bays to infuse medications to treat all cancers, renal disease, and rheumatologic diseases. Our facility also features a fully licensed, closed-door, USP 800 compliant, specialty compounding pharmacy to support the infusion suite and service home-infusion patients in the community.


We are located at 3475 3rd Avenue, Bronx
Our lobby is designed to be warm and friendly
We have a separate lobby and waiting area for pediatric patients
We do cardica stress testing on site
Our cast room can accommodate patients who with broken bones and sprains
We have 17 examination rooms
Our exam rooms are colorful and warm
All exam rooms are connected to our electronic medical records system
We have 4 dental exam rooms, inclusing one for pediatrics
We have dental x-rays on site
Our lobby is relaxing and welcoming
We have a fluorosopy suite on site
We have a 12 bay infusion suite for delivering intravenous medications
Our nurse's station in our infusion suite
We also have sonogrpahy on site
Our x-ray suite can accommodate all kinds of imaging including chest x-rays
Our specialty pharmacy is equipped to do compounding and mixing of IV medications on site

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